Accelerate Your Business and IT Planning With Business Capability Mapping

Confidently answer your stakeholders’ questions.

business capability mapping

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Bridge the Gap Between Business and IT

In the past, IT was seen as a supporting layer that underpinned business processes. But like oil and water, the two never mixed. Many organizations still model their architecture this way.

Modern digital, agile, and cross-functional product teams mean that business and technology are now well and truly mixed - and traditional Enterprise Architecture isn’t keeping pace.

Business Capability Mapping can enable you to give informed, confident answers to stakeholders’ questions:

  • What are my core business activities - my Business Capabilities?
  • Which of those do I compete on?
  • What systems, people, and processes implement them?
  • How mature is each one?
business capability mapping

What the Experts Say

Ian Stendera, VP of Product at Ardoq
If you get your business capability model out of static and isolated tools and into the greater organization, you will find that you not only have better alignment but that the quality and level of insights you have into your architecture will grow immensely.
Ian Stendera
VP of Product at Ardoq