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Enhancing Enterprise Architecture with AI

Learn more about AI and its impact on EA with specialists that are at the forefront of this revolution.

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Future opportunities

As organizations strive to operate more efficiently, optimize their technology landscape and maintain a competitive edge, architects are actively seeking ways to propel their organization forward.

Incorporating AI into your organization's architecture practice can minimize errors, handle ever-expanding datasets, and enable you to concentrate on strategic tasks.

Watch the 30-Min Webinar

In the eighth episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, we are excited to welcome Ian Stendera, the Chief Product Officer at Ardoq, and Jason Baragry, Ardoq's Head of Product Research and Strategy

Together they discuss what opportunities AI will bring to EA. Join us as we delve into the value you can unlock for your organization.




Watch this 30-minute session to be inspired by big ideas and the latest insights from leading AI innovators.

How the practice of EA will be enhanced with AI

How to manage AI innovation in your organization

Examples of AI and Ardoq such as using Retrieval Augmented Generation pipelines

Meet the Speakers

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Ian Stendera

Chief of Product at Ardoq

Ian Stendera, Ardoq's CPO, is an essential member of the founding team. He has dedicated his role to collaborating closely with Enterprise Architecture teams and leaders, ensuring they achieve the desired results with their initiatives. Ian played a key role in building Ardoq, starting in commercial roles and transitioning to Product, where he drives strategy and development, specializing in crafting products that exceed customer expectations through a deep understanding of the market, customer, and technology.

jason baragry

Jason Baragry, PhD

Head of Product Research and Strategy at Ardoq

Jason Baragry is Ardoq’s Head of Product Research and Strategy and has over 25 years of experience working in Enterprise Architecture. He has broad experience working with IT and business interfaces and has held roles within software architecture, EA consultancy, and as the chief architect in a national telecom company. Jason also has a PhD in Software Architecture and has worked in both academic and industrial research.

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