Amplify Webinar Series EP. 4 | ON-DEMAND

Beyond Cost Savings: Prioritizing Resources to Drive Highest Value

Execute on strategy with stronger collaboration and quicker response times.

Tune in to learn how to stay ahead of competitors by better aligning on business objectives and remove the noise that creates decision drag.


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How Do You Confidently Execute on Strategy?

Many IT teams face the challenge of prioritizing resources in order to execute on the company's strategy.

Watch Episode 4 of the Amplify Webinar Series to discover ways to enhance cross-departmental communication and enable the harmonious coexistence of security, innovation, cost savings, and flexibility.

Maximizing Value Through Resource Prioritization

For the fourth episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, Laurie Kelly, VP of Marketing at Ardoq, interviewed Protiviti's Mike Lawrence, Associate Director of Technology Consulting, and Darragh O'Grady, Director of Technology Strategy and Architecture, as well as Jason Baragry, Chief Enterprise Architect at Ardoq, to talk about how to better prioritize company objectives.

They discussed the importance of traceability in the organization, how to reprioritize, and what information was needed in order to do so.

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Watch this 1-hour session to be inspired by big ideas and the latest approach from leading business innovators.

Practical steps to remove the noise creating decision drag.

The importance of alignment when prioritizing objectives.

Tactics to collaborate in real-time with business stakeholders.

Meet the Speakers


Darragh O'Grady

Director of Technology Strategy & Architecture, Protiviti

Darragh is a technology leader who achieves business objectives by using sustainable engineering practices and best-of-breed technology solutions for large-scale platforms. With a deep technical understanding and empathy for both product owners and engineers, he enables multiple teams to achieve shared goals.

Michael Lawrence

Mike Lawrence

Associate Director of Technology Consulting, Protiviti

Mike is a career consultant who excels in guiding teams through ambiguous situations to tackle intricate challenges for organizations of different scales. With a focus on program management, he has been fortunate enough to have a career split between Seattle and London, providing him with a distinct, global perspective in developing efficient teams and resolving business issues.


Jason Baragry

Chief Enterprise Architect, Ardoq

Jason Baragry is Ardoq's Chief Enterprise Architect and has over 25 years of experience working in enterprise architecture. He has broad experience working with IT and business interfaces and has held roles within software architecture, EA consultancy, and as the chief architect in a national telecom company.

Laurie Kelly

Laurie Kelly

VP of Marketing, Ardoq

Laurie's 25 years of marketing experience and her love of learning make her a dynamic leader as Ardoq's acting VP of Marketing. She is committed to building senior-level consensus which creates the momentum to implement strategic initiatives. Laurie spent many years at PwC in marketing leadership and sales strategy positions, curating their pursuit and account relationship strategy. She has additional experience in technology, consulting, and publishing and is a recognized speaker and leader on marketing strategy.