Energize Your Architecture With “New EA"

Learn more about how you can reignite your architecture practice and unleash its true value.


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Remain Agile And Adaptable

In the ever-changing landscape of enterprise architecture, architects are now striving to achieve objectives such as accelerating time to value, optimizing the technology landscape, and maintaining a competitive edge through the adoption of the "new" EA approach, which emphasizes agility, customer-centricity, innovation, data-driven decision-making, collaboration, resilience, and sustainability.

Watch Episode 6 of the Amplify Webinar Series to see how New EA will enable faster time-to-value.

Fuel Value With New EA 

In the sixth episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, we were excited to welcome Simon Field, Sr. Enterprise Architect, and Gar Mac Criosta, Digital Advisor, for an enlightening dialogue. Alongside Laurie Kelly, our VP of Marketing, they explored the transformative potential of the "New" Enterprise Architecture and its impact on the future trajectory of your organization.

In that episode, they delved into the components of the New EA, effective utilization of AI in that new era of architecture, and the vision of success in that transformative landscape.



Watch this 1-hour session to be inspired by big ideas and the latest approach from leading business innovators.

What is "New EA" and why should we care?

How will AI enable faster time to value?

How does your EA function solve real-world business problems for success?

Meet the Speakers

Gar Mac Críosta

Gar Mac Críosta

Digital Advisor, Health Services

Gar Mac Criosta is an impassioned advocate for organizational change and success, striving to revolutionize the consulting industry by making it more impactful and rewarding. With a penchant for innovative approaches and experimental techniques, Gar accelerates progress and enhances thinking. Dedicated to building an exceptional and joyful company, Gar envisions a future where the team thrives, customers are delighted, and competitors are inspired to reach new heights.


Simon Field

Senior Enterprise Arcitect

Simon Field, an experienced IT and business professional, leads Architecture and Strategy functions across diverse sectors. He currently drives the development of the Architecture Services Model, comprising 37 interconnected services supported by 45 tools. Simon's expertise spans Digital Strategy, IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and innovative technologies.

Laurie Kelly, VP of Marketing at Ardoq

Laurie Kelly

VP of Marketing, Ardoq

Laurie's 25 years of marketing experience and her love of learning make her a dynamic leader as Ardoq's acting VP of Marketing. She is committed to building senior-level consensus which creates the momentum to implement strategic initiatives. Laurie spent many years at PwC in marketing leadership and sales strategy positions, curating their pursuit and account relationship strategy. She has additional experience in technology, consulting, and publishing and is a recognized speaker and leader on marketing strategy.