Data-Driven Strategy to Execution: From Nearly Aligned to Really Aligned

Use data-driven Enterprise Architecture to develop and execute effective IT strategies

Give your stakeholders views that ensure real alignment, control, and measurability.


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What Is the Secret to Successful Strategy Execution?

Ensuring the successful execution of your organization's strategy is a two-part challenge: data complexity and people.

Watch this session to understand how you can leverage the tenets of Enterprise Architecture to give your stakeholders views that ensure real alignment, control, and measurability.

Where EA and Technology Leaders Converge

For the second episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, Jan-Joost van Walsum, Lead Enterprise Architect at UMCG, is joining Ardoq’s Product Strategist, Ed Granger, and Chief Enterprise Architect, Jason Baragry, discussed how to align on a data-driven approach to strategy execution.

Amplify webinar series episode 2 data driven strategy to execution from nearly aligned to fully aligned

Talking Points

Watch this 1-hour session to get insights and strategies for alignment.

The challenges that exist around finding the right balance between speed vs. governance, mandate vs. accountability, reporting vs. transparency, and management vs. leadership.

How data-driven architecture provides visualizations that enable CIOs to better understand cross-organizational initiatives and manage the people, priorities, and outcomes of those projects.

Examples and best practices of data-driven architecture.

Meet the Speakers

Jan-Joost van Walsum, Lead Enterprise Architect at UMCG

Jan-Joost van Walsum

Lead Enterprise Architect, UMCG

Jan-Joost van Walsum is the Lead Enterprise Architect at University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). He is tasked with revitalizing the architecture function of the university hospital, ensuring alignment, and focusing the IT developments on supporting business goals. As a member of the Healthcare Architecture Board, he helps advise the Healthcare Information Council in the field of architecture issues. He believes the value of IT will always come from information, not technology.

Ed Granger, Product Strategist at Ardoq

Ed Granger

Product Strategist, Ardoq

Ed Granger is Ardoq's Enterprise Architecture Product Strategist. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Ed is at the forefront of driving innovation in the company, and has a strong belief that for EA to control Digital, it must be Digital.

Jason Baragry, Chief Enterprise Architect at Ardoq

Jason Baragry

Chief Enterprise Architect, Ardoq

Jason Baragry is Ardoq's Chief Enterprise Architect and has over 25 years of experience working in enterprise architecture. He has broad experience working with IT and business interfaces and has held roles within software architecture, EA consultancy, and as the chief architect in a national telecom company.