The Future Is Now: How AI Will Power EA

OpenAI’s GPT Large Language Model (LLM) has been making waves with its human-like text generation capabilities and is now influencing Enterprise Architecture.

Learn more about AI and its impact on EA with Silicon Valley machine learning innovator Greg Diamos.

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Get Ahead or Fall Behind

As organizations strive to accelerate time to value, optimize their technology landscape, and maintain a competitive edge, architects are left pondering the question - how can they achieve these objectives?

Incorporating AI into your organization's architecture practice can minimize errors, handle ever-expanding datasets, and enable you to concentrate on strategic tasks.

Enhancing Business Potential with AI 

In the fifth episode of the Amplify Webinar Series, we were thrilled to welcome Greg Diamos, the pioneering CEO and Founder of Lamini. Ardoq's dynamic duo, Laurie Kelly, our VP of Marketing, and Melissa Mills, our Director of Product Management joined him in this enlightening dialogue.

Together, they delivered a conversation on the transformative role of AI for Enterprise Architecture. This exploration promises to shed light on how these technologies could potentially sculpt the future trajectory of your organization. Immerse yourself in the future of AI and enterprise!



Watch this 1-hour session to be inspired by big ideas and the latest approach from leading business innovators.

What is happening in AI now?

How is this relevant for Enterprise Architecture?

What does the future hold?

Meet the Speakers

Gregory Diamos, CEO and Co-founder at Lamini

Greg Diamos

CEO and Founder, Lamini

Gregory Diamos is the current Co-founder of MLCommons. He is the Co-founder of MLPerf, the industry standard benchmark for ML systems. He previously worked at Baidu, Inc. as a Silicon Valley AI Research Lead. He received a Ph.D. degree from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Melissa Mills, Director of Product Management at Ardoq

Melissa Mills

Director of Product Management, Ardoq

Melissa Mills is a Product Director at Ardoq. Originally based in Silicon Valley, her prior experience includes working on App Ads at Google, edtech at Kahoot! and building NLP ML solutions for startups. She has degrees from University of British Columbia and University of California - Los Angeles. In her spare time she enjoys skiing, cycling, and triathlons.

Laurie Kelly, VP of Marketing at Ardoq

Laurie Kelly

VP of Marketing, Ardoq

Laurie's 25 years of marketing experience and her love of learning make her a dynamic leader as Ardoq's acting VP of Marketing. She is committed to building senior-level consensus which creates the momentum to implement strategic initiatives. Laurie spent many years at PwC in marketing leadership and sales strategy positions, curating their pursuit and account relationship strategy. She has additional experience in technology, consulting, and publishing and is a recognized speaker and leader on marketing strategy.