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Infographic: Application Portfolio Management in Ardoq

application portfolio management infographic

Build the Foundation for Digital Transformation in Your Organization


Discover the Application Portfolio Management 6 step journey in Ardoq to: 

  • Bridge business with IT
    How to define and align business outcomes and bring the most relevant and enriched data together for your stakeholders.
  • Know where to invest and innovate
    How to reduce cost and complexity while understanding all your dependencies and business fit.
  • Increase your organization's ability to change
    How to increase engagement, collaboration, and design multiple scenarios that are in constant sync with your organization.

     … within six clear, actionable and result-focused steps.

☝️ “Work that would previously take four hours took ten seconds. The user experience was like going from cassette player to Spotify.”
- Joon Nebell, Digital and IT Director, Reitan Convenience