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9 Step Process to Succeed With Application Portfolio Management

The Foundation for Digital Transformation in Your Organization

application portfolio management process

The Ultimate Guide to a Neat Application Portfolio

When it comes to managing your company's application landscape (to keep track of all the applications and systems  inside your entire company), the name of the game is "quality over quantity." If you're looking to understand your IT legacy, check out this 9 step process to application portfolio management to get you started.

With this 9 step process for delivering Application Portfolio Management, you'll discover ways to:

  • Drive down the costs of IT without damaging strategic business initiatives or critical operations
  • Maximize efficiencies to better connect your business operations to IT
  • Gain a shared overview of how people, capabilities, and applications interconnect

So... Time to Clean up Your IT Portfolio?

You’ve decided to tackle your application legacy: IT costs are too high, risk is too high, agility too low. You have more vendors than you can shake a stick at.

application portfolio management process illustrationPerhaps you’ve been frightening your stakeholders for a while now with a big Visio spaghetti diagram that shows just how unmanageably complex your IT portfolio is. Now it’s time to embark on your Application Portfolio Management (APM) journey.

Stop wasting time on maintaining your application portfolio. Start uncovering opportunities instead.

Make sure you add value by delivering insights and don’t get bogged down in managing complex data. Start with Ardoq’s 9 step action plan for delivering Application Portfolio Management.

Learn the best way to carry out each stage of your APM initiative and the key people you should communicate with.

Download the e-book to start planning your application portfolio management journey. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

“The key to success in enterprise architecture is engagement across teams. Choose the tools that drive collaboration.”

Ian Stendera, VP of Product Marketing, Ardoq