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 Research: The State of EA in Sweden

at Ardoq Mornings Stockholm 

Stockholm |   8:30 -12:00   |   04 December 2018   |    Helio - Sveavägen 9 Seymore Cray Conference Room

At Ardoq Mornings Stockholm  we will reveal the results of a Research Paper on EA Trends in Sweden

Ardoq’s study explores how organizations are looking to new EA to deliver powerful value and competitive advantage.  

Join our Breakfast Seminar in Stockholm, 4th of December - a conference covering the full results of the study EA Trends in Sweden!


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The state of EA in Sweden:

to be revealed at Ardoq Mornings Stockholm, 4th of December


Ardoq has recently conducted a study in Sweden in order to understand the status and directions of Enterprise Architecture in the region. The research is the first of a series of studies that will be released in 2019, reflecting the status of EA in global markets together with predictions on the future of EA, industry shifts that are taking place now and new approaches on EA in the digital era. 

The findings of this study reveal the the main pain points and issues that Swedish Enterprise Architects and CIOs are facing nowadays, their predictions on the future, together highlights of the digital transformation processed taking place in their companies at this point. Johan Lundqvist, Ardoq's sales Director in Sweden, will present and elaborate on this research. 


Ardoq Mornings Stockholm Host 

Johan Lundqvist

Sales Director Ardoq - Sweden


 Johan Ardoq Mornings Sweden Speaker-01Johan Lundqvist is serving as Sales Director at Ardoq. He has gained extensive understanding of business and digital transformations from his 25 years career in Enterprise Software in areas as Enterprise Architecture, BPM, CRM, ERP, Quality Systems, Business Intelligence etc. at companies like BiZZdesign, SAP, IDS Scheer and Acando. Contact Johan Lundqvist for more details on the event and on Ardoq's presence in Sweden



Speakers Ardoq Mornings Stockholm


Picture Speaker AM SwedenSofia Gilliusson

Enterprise Architect at Schibsted Media Group Stockholm

Topic: Automation and EA at Schibsted with Ardoq

The presentation will show how Schibsted uses Ardoq for their Enterprise Architecture tool. It will cover using automation for collecting data, integration with system documentation and also how it is used for analysing the business and it-tools from various perspectives. Important lessons and findings on how to work with an EA tool in an ever-changing business will also be share. More info on Sofia Gilliusson, speaker Ardoq Mornings Stockholm, here.

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Dr. Phil Tetlow

Academy of Technology Leadership Member at IBM

Adjunct Prof at Southampton University & CTO at Three Steps Left

Topic: Ecosystems and graph are transformative to enterprises 

Business today is radically different from that often traditionally portrayed. Most of us have instinctively worked that out already, but few actually know why we are experiencing such change and what it really means for IT Architecture. Faced with demands like increased agility and greater systems’ reach, what are the new tools and techniques available for IT Architects and why is Enterprise Architecture already outmoded? What’s next? These and other questions are answered as Phil Tetlow takes us down the rabbit hole on a fascinating sociotechnical adventure into the future. Read Ardoq's interview with Dr. Phil Tetlow

Ardoq Mornings_Speakers_-01 Petteri Vainikka

Petteri Vainikka

CMO  Ardoq
New EA you need to know

Learn how the shift from manually drawn architecture diagrams (a linear solution) to data-driven EA (an exponentially scaling solution) is transforming the value and role of enterprise architecture at digital-first organizations globally. Explore case studies of successful customers leveraging the power of New EA focusing on APIs and crowdsourcing of data (input), applying graph analytics and AI to its analysis (processing), and business user friendly automated visualizations to its consumption (output).

Let's talk about the business value of EA.

A conference on data-driven Enterprise Architecture

Ardoq Mornings Stockholm

Join our Breakfast Seminar in Stockholm, 4th of December:
a conference covering the full results of the study EA Trends in Sweden! 

Connect with industry leaders and be the first one to find out what's next in Enterprise Architecture.



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