7 Steps for Successful Cloud Migration Planning

In Cloud Migration, planning is everything

Improve performance, reduce capital expenses, and enhance security.

cloud migration 7 steps for successful strategic planning

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How and Why Cloud Migration Is Important

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 85% of enterprises will have a cloud-first strategy. Drivers are IT costs, flexibility, and efficiency.

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It can be difficult to identify which applications could be migration candidates

These 7 steps are our recommendations to help plan and prioritize resources more effectively. 

7 steps for successful strategic planning

Step 1: Define Your Scope

Decide what is important, and establish clear metrics on effort, change impact, and time to value.

cloud migration scope

Step 2: Make Sure You Have the Right Data

Build an application inventory by gathering high quality data and specifying governance rules.

cloud migration checklist

Step 3: Evaluate Your Application Portfolio

Determine the strategic rating of your applications by using business and technical measures to determine the value an application provides.


Gartner Tolerate, Invest, Migrate,  Eliminate (TIME) model

Step 4: Consider How You Are Going to Migrate

Take a look at your migration options, and ensure team alignment by involving key stakeholders like the CIO or CTO.

Amazon 6 strategies for migrating to the cloud

Step 5: Prioritize Your Migration Candidates

Narrow down your list of contenders and validate the recommended migration strategy.

cloud migration candidates

Step 6: Conduct an Impact Assessment

See which action would work best by taking a closer look at the opportunities and assessing all aspects of the application to validate its eligibility.

cloud migration impact assessment

Step 7: Present a Business Case and Execute

It's time to migrate and repeat. Cloud Migration is a continuous process. Execute once the business case has stakeholder buy-in.

cloud migration management

Offset Common Challenges

Cloud migration is for the benefit of the whole organization. A thorough plan ensures that post-migration, the organization's applications are hosted to deliver a responsive, accessible, safe, and secure platform for customers to engage with.

offset cloud migration challenges