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Confidently Align Strategy and Execution Using Enterprise Architecture

A Comprehensive Guide for Enterprise Architects: How to Provide the Missing Link Between Strategy and Execution

enterprise architecture strategy

Why Are Good Quality Projects Still Failing?

A question that whole consulting industries have been built upon and which Enterprise Architects can now poise themselves to bring insight to.

This actionable guide will take you through how we can start to answer that question and how your EA team can provide an additional layer of alignment and assurance by:

  • Clearly aligning benefits to objectives
  • Managing risk by uncovering impacts and dependencies
  • Using EA to stay on the front foot of all change projects

So that stakeholder in your organization can answer the two most critical questions when it comes to change portfolios:

  • Is my Project Portfolio aligned with our Organizational Strategy?
  • Can I actually deliver my Project Portfolio?

“Having one source of truth, which is collaborative, dynamic, and trustworthy, improves the quality of your conflict analysis, communication across teams, and overall delivery.”

Ian Stendera, VP of Customer Success, Ardoq