Enabling Democratized Decision-Making in the Digital Organization

IT is no longer the gatekeeper to technology resources.

Empower your people with a clear scope, boundaries, and mandate.

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Navigating Structural Change

The stresses of digital business have accelerated a fundamental demographic shift in technology resources and ownership in enterprises worldwide.

Negotiating this shifting landscape requires organizations to challenge deeply-held assumptions while simultaneously holding true to the understanding of how Enterprise Architecture adds unique value.

With this shift in ownership, over-centralized decision processes are failing enterprises.. This makes the need for reliable information about how data, technology, processes, and people are connected even more critical.

This whitepaper will examine the nature of these structural changes and shed light on how your organization can:

democratize decision-making

Empower Fusion Teams

Delegate to remove much of the noise from senior leadership, allowing them to focus on cross-cutting or longer-term issues.

Make Informed Decisions

Evolve the organization to ensure that it properly supports distributed decision-making, not just as a workaround but as the core way your business executes.

Democratize Decision-Making

Discover the EA tooling that enables anyone to self-serve insights, manage data, and kick off workflows.

Challenges Digital Organizations Are Facing

70% of executives’ time is spent on making decisions under time pressure and with too little or the wrong kind of data.
McKinsey, 2020
Significant spending on digital initiatives and technologies is now coming from the business... the IT organization has lost control of digital.
Gartner, 2021