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The ROI Edition of New EA magazine

Cut through the noise to gain tangible value from your investment in Enterprise Architecture

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Maximize the benefits of EA for your business

This special edition of Ardoq’s magazine is packed with advice on how a business can realize the full potential of their investment in enterprise architecture. You can explore what is meant by data-driven enterprise architecture and why it also needs to be business friendly, visually appealing, and provide instantly informative analysis.

Take a closer look at this special issue of New EA. You'll discover ways to:

  • Drive down the costs of IT without damaging strategic business initiatives
  • Maximize efficiencies better connecting your business operations to IT
  • Gain a shared overview of how people, processes, data, and applications interconnect

“We’re sharing our expert advice to help you efficiently maximize the benefits of Enterprise Architecture, and democratizing EA to make it data-driven, accessible, and valuable to many.”

Magnus Valmot, CEO, Ardoq

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