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The Top 5 Strategic Enterprise Architecture Trends

A comprehensive guide for helping your organization become more agile and adaptable

Find out how to navigate an ever-shifting market landscape.

enterprise architecture trends

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Only Change Is Certain in Today’s Business Environment

So companies that plan for change are more agile and adaptable. They empower their teams to try until they find the best way forward. 

These key trends will help organizations understand how to better navigate an ever-shifting market landscape.

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  • the 5 enterprise architecture trends

We’ve compiled this list of 5 key Enterprise Architecture Trends so you can align your initiatives with high-level business transformation and support strategic plans.

1. Open Socio-Technical Architecture

Adjust how your people work together to develop the organization and remove hindrances to drive successful and continuous change.

open social technical architecture

2. Project to Product

Examine how work is structured, and build effective teams to help meet your organization's changing goals.

project to product

3. The Democratization of Enterprise Architecture

See how your organization can become more agile with effective independent teams - saving money and time while growing engagement.

democratization of enterprise architecture

4. Continuous Improvement of Way-of-Working

Use agile methods of adjusting work to allow your organization to adapt to more fluid planning while targeting long-term goals.

continuous improvement of way of working

5. Digital Twin of the Organization

Combine operational information with Enterprise Architecture information to make reliable decisions, and establish clear and focused business outcomes.

digital twin of the organization

Improve your execution no matter where you are in your digital journey. Get a glimpse into how progressive organizations apply new concepts from the Enterprise Architecture domain into their digital business execution.