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Enterprise Architecture trends in Sweden

Discover the benefits and challenges facing Swedish organizations as they progress their enterprise architecture projects.

TP 2019 - LP - EA Trends in Sweden- Research Paper [Gated]

How does your business compare to its peers?

The way that companies approach enterprise architecture is just the same as how they grow and transform – each organization moves at its own pace, facing unique challenges and pains. But when you look at the bigger picture, trends start appearing.

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  • Business leaders still struggle to get answers to their most important questions
  • Many organizations are adopting Enterprise Architecture to support business leaders and core objectives
  • Visualizing processes and data is a major issue for those who have already adopted Enterprise Architecture

“Only 5% of enterprises aren’t planning digital transformation projects at the time of the survey. With 84% definitely going ahead with initiatives and a further 11% weighing up their options, these 5% risk being left behind.”

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