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7 June 2022 - Online | Oslo | New York

Democratization of
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Amplify - 7 June 2022


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Erik Bakstad, CEO and Co-founder at Ardoq
Erik Bakstad
CEO and Co-founder, Ardoq

Make yourself comfortable and tune in to the Ardoq Amplify opening.

Erik will welcome you to our first in-person event since before the pandemic began.

Ed Granger
Product Strategist, Ardoq

The accelerating shift from project to agile product teams - and the wider proliferation of digital technologies throughout the organization - is putting Enterprise Architects under pressure. Conventional EA teams may struggle to adapt to a new world where the old certainties of governance and standards are fast disappearing.

Navigating this changing landscape requires Enterprise Architects to challenge some of their deeply-held assumptions, while simultaneously holding true to how EA adds unique value to the organization.

Ed will examine the nature of this shift and how EAs can not only keep pace, but get ahead of the curve.

Klas Sjödahl, Senior Enterprise Architect at Ardoq
Klas Sjödahl
Senior Enterprise Architect, Ardoq

As organizations undergo increasingly faster rates of change and business model complexity, defining fixed long-term strategies is getting less relevant. More critically, organizations need to understand how to steer towards intentional, sustainable strategy execution. In this context, a new model emerges that focuses on ongoing value creation and distributed decision-making.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for Enterprise Architects to establish the views and insights that will support multifaceted, complex decision-making and preemptively mitigate downstream pitfalls.

Klas will expand on this approach and how to balance demands and execution with intended architecture continuously.

Edward Granger, Product Strategist at Ardoq
Ed Granger
Product Strategist, Ardoq

If the practice of Enterprise Architecture had been invented last year, what kind of assumptions and design choices might we make?

We would shift the focus towards collaboration and engagement, opening up the architecture for people to contribute to and own - in one word, “democratize” the architecture.

Ed will showcase the tooling that allows you to engage the wider organization, enabling domain experts and decision-makers while removing the need for them to navigate complex software or deep-dive into architectural concepts.

Bubba Puryear, Enterprise Architect at Arch Capital Group
Bubba Puryear
Enterprise Architect, Arch Capital Group

Arch Capital Group is a leading global insurer with operations in more than a dozen countries. Since its formation in 2001, Arch has grown organically by building capacity in diverse lines of insurance and through targeted acquisitions of businesses that enhance its offerings and fit its culture.

Discover Arch Capital Group’s journey, from sitting in IT silos and manual mapping of IT governance to collaborating on Technology and Application Portfolio Management while implementing DevSecOps maturity assessments and Technical Debt scorecards.

Bubba will share how he utilized Ardoq’s ability to build an integrated view of the architecture and collect feedback, enabling people to understand the context they are working in, see the impact of their work, but also understand the collaborations they need to build in delivering change. Bubba advises teams not to be afraid to start where they are, growing and adapting as change inevitably happens.

Whynde Kuehn, Founder and Managing Director at S2E Transformation
Whynde Kuehn
Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation

As organizations navigate some of the most massive shifts in history in our globally connected and increasingly digital world, the role of architecture has never been more critical – and we need every one of us to be at our best.

There may have been a time when organizations were looking to hire architects who fit a specific profile, but experience has shown that what makes a great architecture team is diversity. When a team has a collection of varied skills, personalities, and perspectives, it performs better because it can address a broader range of scenarios, build partnerships with different types of people, solve problems more comprehensively, and allow architects to play to their strengths.

Whynde will emphasize how creating a diverse architecture team should be an intentional goal and she will also introduce the women in architecture initiative. Finally, she will discuss practical steps we can take to accelerate the pathway for diversity in architecture to amplify the impact of the discipline worldwide.

Erik Bakstad, CEO and Co-founder at Ardoq
Erik Bakstad
Co-Founder and CEO, Ardoq

Closing comments. Thank you for attending Ardoq Amplify.

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Whynde Kuehn, Founder and Managing Director at S2E Transformation

Whynde Kuehn

Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation
Bubba Puryear, Enterprise Architect at Arch Insurance

Bubba Puryear

Enterprise Architect, Arch Insurance Group
Erik Bakstad, CEO and Co-founder at Ardoq

Erik Bakstad

CEO and Co-Founder, Ardoq
Ed Granger, Product Strategist at Ardoq

Ed Granger

Product Strategist, Ardoq
Klas Sjodahl, Senior Enterprise Architect

Klas Sjödahl

Senior Enterprise Architect, Ardoq

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Democratization of Decision Making