GDPR compliance is not a project, it's a continuous process.

Ardoq is a Virtual Assistant to Data Protection Officers (DPO). Experience continuous compliance collaboration across all your organizational stakeholders. No Excel sheets, no Word documents, not even new software for everyone to learn and adapt to.

DPO Dashboard

Central GDPR compliance dashboard to track progress, visualize gaps and their severity, and to selectively share across organization from all employees to CEO.

Pre-built Surveys

Easily involve all stakeholders across de-centralized organizations. Crowd sourcing and collaboration without any new software training needed.

Article 30

Always on, automatically maintained up-to-date record of all processing activities, including every change across every collaborator. Impress in audit.

Privacy by Design and Default Analysis

Lets face it, few business processes were built with privacy by design top of mind. Identify data duplication to direct data minimization. Less vulnerabilities, lower risk. More efficient operations.

Automated Gap Analysis

Seeing what is there is one thing. Seeing what is not there is quite another. Using advanced graph querying, Ardoq augments your understanding visualizing gaps automatically, even triggering automated Jira integrated task alerts to right people

Unique Relationships

The same data entities are often used across multiple business processes, yet often under different lawful basis. By treating each relationship between data entity and business process equally as first-class citizens, you can say goodbye to ambiguity.

Internal Communication

Compliance touches everyone. So should the valuable learnings from it also. Easily publish from Ardoq to Sharepoint, use built-in Presentation Mode, and automatically provision hundreds of individual My GDPR Views across your enterprise.

GDPR = Transformation

Done right, GDPR is great for business. It is equally a great companion to ISO27001 (Data Security) and other compliance, risk, and quality audits. In fact, it may be the best catalyst ever for data-driven digital transformation.

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Models provide clarity, structure, and cohesion. Best models connect.

Ardoq GDPR Metamodel connects your people, business process, and IT systems all in one graph. The same graph also empowers next generation Enterprise Architecture and AI/RPA Transformation.

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Models provide clarity, structure, and cohesion

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