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Using Enterprise Architecture to Drive Strategy in Modern Media Companies

How to adapt your infrastructure and strategy to keep up with consumer demand.


Building the Media Company of the Future

Virtual reality, mobility, 5G, and personalization are all opening up new frontiers for customers – and creating a challenge for enterprise architects. With the right enterprise architecture, however, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

In this new playbook, we’ll show you how to build the media company of the future by:

  • Mapping an enterprise architecture strategy that meets modern requirements.
  • Embedding this strategy into the very heart of the operation.
  • Replacing outdated technologies to give the company vital agility.

We’ll also discuss some of the benefits these changes will yield.

  • Drive improvement at every level of the company
  • Automate discovery and simplify sharing with shareholders
  • Expand your geographic reach and open up new markets

“If enterprise architecture continues to be regarded as a supporting function rather than a potential driver of strategy, your business will never truly recognize the full value of its technology investments and data.”

Magnulf Pilskog, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Ardoq