30th of November at Telegrafen | Oslo

Oslo Community Exchange

Ardoq is launching a community event in Oslo! We want to bring the EA community together and allow you the opportunity to connect with like-minded practitioners to:

  • Trade ideas
  • Hear what others have done, and learn from their experiences
  • Debate the challenges of EA and future direction for the industry
  • Network with your peers in EA
Telegrafen oslo

The EA tribes are gathering to exchange ideas and absorb insights in Oslo

Join us at Oslo's Telegrafen meeting space to absorb insights from Norwegian companies that cracked the code with Ardoq, streamlining EA processes and unlocking business innovation. We want you to end the day with new ideas and an expanded network.

It's not just about suits and ties; it's about spending an afternoon with like-minded professionals, exchanging ideas, having fun, and learning from some of the best in the Enterprise Architecture universe.

Event Agenda


Ardoq Product Roadmap Session

Get the latest on Ardoq's product roadmap. This will be a working lunch at Telegrafen


Welcome & Registration

Badge collection and making yourself at home


Part I: Your Experiences

This is your opportunity to have in-depth discussions on shared high priority topics, challenges, and opportunities with peers.



Coffee and snacks


Welcome Back

Key points and takeaways


Part II: Inspirational Sessions

Inspiring presentations from Christer Berglund from If Insurance, Henning Friden from Tine, and Thomas Skjonhaug from Riverty.


Part III: Future of EA

Presentation by Simon Field, Senior Enterprise Architect at Ardoq.
"What Could EA Learn from Einstein."



Summary of the day and next steps.



Time for chatting over some lovely drinks and food!


Dinner at Casa Pisano

5 minute walk from Telegrafen at Tordenskiolds Gate 5, 0160 Oslo


Simon Field, Enterprise Architect - Ardoq

Presentation: What EA can learn from Einstein

Simon is a Senior Enterprise Architect at Ardoq, supporting customers as they deliver business value from their architecture initiatives and helping to shape the future of the Ardoq platform. He has held architecture leadership roles at the Bank of England, Admiral Group, Emirates Group and the Office for National Statistics. Earlier in his career, he led the e-business research team at IBM’s Zurich Research Laboratory, and spent five years advising IT Leaders in the Gulf Region as a Senior Executive Partner with Gartner. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the BCS, and his academic research led to the publication of the widely used Solution Architecture Review Method.

Christer Berglund

Christer Berglund - If Insurance

Chief Enterprise Architect

Meet Christer, the business adviser and certified business architect with a proven track record of delivering successful business transformation assignments. With a unique blend of financial expertise, business capability management, business process management, and project management skills, Christer has collaborated with leading Nordic companies from diverse industries, including financial services, insurance, and energy. Christer is also a respected team leader, facilitator, and lecturer, sought after for his ability to inspire and guide teams to achieve their goals.


Thomas Skjonhaug - Riverty

Enterprise Architect

Thomas is an experienced Enterprise Architect at Riverty. With a dynamic background that spans various IT roles and product owner positions, Thomas brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision to the table. His career journey has equipped him with a deep understanding of both the intricacies of IT and the nuances of product development. At Riverty, Thomas is dedicated to shaping and optimizing enterprise architecture, ensuring that technological solutions align seamlessly with business objectives.


Henning headshot

Henning Fridén - TINE


Henning Fridén Ardoq Champion, TINE. Experienced consultant, course instructor and speaker. Have worked for IBM, IBM Business partners, been self-employed and TINE since 2014. Former expert in Lotus Notes/Domino and IBM iSeries (Nordic technical lead in IBM). Some of my customers: TINE, Norgesgruppen, Lillehammer Olympics, Dagbladet, Nordea, TONO, Peppes, Euronics (ELON), Innovasjon Norge, BW Gas, Kolberg Motors, Kanfa/Sevan marine Part of the IT architecture team in TINE and responsible for Ardoq since 2019.

Roundtable Discussions (Pending Finalization)


Engage the Wider Organisation

How to ensure EA is delivering business value


Driving Business Transformation & Innovation

Strategy to execution, including impact analysis and prioritisation


Transparency & Alignment

Understanding how IT and business work together

Pick Your Preferred Topic

Partners and Customers Attending the Event

  • Ardoq is flexible, we can use it for so much more. We anticipate a couple of years from now people will knock on our door asking, Can't you just put this into Ardoq and show me how it looks?

    Charles Meade, Senior Director of Data Services
    Prism Vision Group
  • Our project team now has a mantra: If you're doing a piece of work that's not expressed in Ardoq, then it's a question of 1) am I doing the right thing? or 2) have we missed something?

    Tom Garrod, Lead Data Architect
    PA Consulting
  • We are officially done with Excel and PowerPoint, Ardoq is now the master.

    Johan Blom, Senior Retail Manager