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Technology Landscape Management in a Multi-Portfolio Organization

How Ardoq’s enterprise architecture solution helps Carnival UK drive more insightful business decisions. Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit 2019


How an extremely complex businesses can deliver memorable, high quality experiences

Operating a fleet of cruise liners is far more complex than you might imagine. Modern cruise ships are essentially smart cities, tasked to provide passengers a wide range of exciting services and experiences. In this presentation, Richard Dace, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Governance at Carnival UK, shares insights on technology challenges that have kept him engaged in the cruise industry for more than 20 years.

Gain insight as to why an improved "Corporate Memory" will help a business to:

  • Adapt more rapidly to perpetual change
  • Expose and fill gaps in knowledge
  • Support timely, informed decisions

“Floating smart cities deliver a host of experiences to their residents and visitors, with a complex supporting infrastructure that moves. So. how do you help cruise operators make the best decisions all day every day?”

From the presentation, "Technology Landscape Management in a Multi-Portfolio Organization."