Modern Tools for Modernization Problems

Q&A with the FCC's Chief Enterprise Architect and Ardoq

Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit 2019

tools for modernization problems

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The Critical Role Access to Quality Data Is Playing in Digital Transformations

For any organization, time and resources invested to respond to a constant barrage of ad-hoc inquiries can be dispiriting. For a large, complex agency like the FCC, it's critical to find better, more efficient and automated ways to handle these kinds of tasks.

In this presentation, Erik Scheibert, Chief Enterprise Architect, FCC, shares insights on Enterprise Architecture-related breakthroughs that helped FCC gain the ability to make faster decisions based on near real-time information.

Review this engaging presentation to learn how FCC:

  • Increased visibility into their repository through automated visualizations
  • Now sees the impact of strategic IT changes quite soon after they are implemented
  • Delivers on an ambitious IT modernization strategy
FCC enterprise architecture

From the Presentation, “Modern Tools for Modernization Problems”

72% of organizations are starting, restarting, or renewing their Enterprise Architecture efforts. What role does quality data play in these kinds of initiatives?