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The future of enterprise architecture does not depend on enterprise architects

Enable enterprise architects to connect and communicate their architecture to all parts of the business. Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit 2019


The success of your Enterprise Architecture initiatives depends on non-architects

Enterprise architecture is about communicating change to stakeholders, providing a roadmap, and understanding the impact of that change. Although Enterprise Architecture initiatives do require expertise, it's also crucial for non-architects to be involved. In this presentation, Ian Stendera, VP of Customer Success, Ardoq, shares insights on how to involve a range of colleagues so you can more effectively channel data for your strategic enterprise architecture efforts.

The new era of enterprise architecture can better position your company to:

  • Solve complex business questions through more contextually-relevant decision-making input
  • Increase operational efficiency and strategic agility
  • Empowers executives to make better decisions faster

“To deliver on the value proposition of enterprise architecture programs in 2019 we need to provide Insight On Demand that are easily accessible to our creators and consumers.”

From the presentation, "The Future of EA Does Not Depend on EAs."