Customer Webinar | 26 September 2023

Product Update

Watch the Product Update webinar.

Learn about the latest features and improvements.

Product Update Webinar

See the Latest Product Features and Innovations

Ian Stendera, Chief Product Officer, demonstrated ‘What’s new’ and talked about our key focus areas. Our experts were also on hand to answer questions and provide practical tips. You’ll get the inside scoop into how the platform is developing and a chance to ask about the topics that matter most to your success with Ardoq.

Watch now to learn more about the tools and resources available for you to continuously deliver tangible value within your organization.



Listen to our Chief Product Officer for domain insights and best practice advice.

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Ardoq Customers and Administrators

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Meet our Speaker

Ian Stendera, VP of Product at Ardoq

Ian Stendera

Chief Product Officer, Ardoq

Ian Stendera is the Chief Product Officer at Ardoq. He is committed to working closely with Enterprise Architecture teams and leaders to ensure they see through the objectives of their initiatives.