Security Architecture as a Business Driver

presented by Anders Nordin, Security Architect at the Norwegian Police ICT Services

Join us for our Webinar on June 28, 2018; 3 PM CEST

Data protection, risk assessment, and security are now being handled with the help of intelligent, graph-based Enterprise Architecture tooling.

In the digital era, speed, agility and central visibility into all systems, documents, and regulations - such as the GDPR - become critical to operations.

Anders Nordin will showcase a how a  data-driven enterprise graph platform can be used in identifying and addressing threats and vulnerabilities in his field. Potential risks can be now solved faster for increased security.

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Highlights of the webinar

We'll talk about:


•  New EA: Real-time augmented analytics for decision support
•  Security Architecture as Business Driver
•  Risk governance & management is about data classification, risk assessment & threat modelling
•  Live demonstration 
•  Giving participants open access to all custom Ardoq models proposed by our guest
•  Q&A with Anders Nordin and Ardoq


You'll learn:

(1) Data Classification
- Information architecture, value assessment

(2) Threat Modelling
- Attack vector neutralisation

(3) Risk Assessment
- Approach aligned with requirements in the GDPR


Anders Nordin

Security Architect - The Norwegian Police ICT-Services


Anders Nordin is working as a Security Architect in the Norwegian Police ICT Services doing threat modelling and risk assessment on daily basis. He has a background as a security consultant working with security testing and security architecture.

Working in both the private and public sector he discovered that most of the organisations had the same struggle doing proper risk management and presenting it for the upper-management.

Tired of all the reports being sent as spreadsheets on email, a colleague introduced him to Ardoq. By using Ardoq, they now where able to connect all the processes and presenting it in an understandable, visual manner.


Magnulf Pilskog

Co-Founder and CPO - Ardoq


Magnulf Pilskog is Co-founder and CPO at Ardoq. He is also Co-founder of Miles, an award winning multi-national IT consultancy based on Servant Leadership principles. With over 15 years of experience as a strategic and operational technology consultant and executive manager, he has a broad skill set across all aspects of enterprise architecture and related business processes.

Magnulf is also recognized for his entrepreneurial track record, where he is focused on creating the right company culture that values diversity, self-expression, flexibility, and mutual respect towards everyone; with this focus being paramount in all recruitment processes. From his own entrepreneurial experience, he is intimately familiar with the critical importance of business and IT alignment. 


Petteri Vainikka

CMO - Ardoq


Petteri Vainikka is CMO at Ardoq, and is a frequent speaker at industry events globally. Petteri has an MSc in technology from Aalto University in Helsinki, a degree in higher education pedagogics, and a PhD currently on hold. Throughout his 15+ year professional career spanning mobile, internet, data, and enterprise SaaS technologies, he has always found himself at the intersection of emerging technology and its hands-on commercial application.

His most recent 7 years having been at the forefront of Data Management Platform (DMP) evolution from a buzzword to globally recognized billion dollar enterprise SaaS market. 

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