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New EA Magazine

EA Foundations

In this issue we go back to basics with EA by looking at the compelling case behind why your enterprise needs a 2020-ready EA platform. We also give you expert advice on what you should look for when choosing the right system for your business, including the most important elements that are most relevant in tomorrow’s competitive business environment.

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New EA Magazines copy

New EA Magazine

GDPR Edition

In this issue we look at the ongoing challenges posed by GDPR, highlighting how costs can spiral out of control without careful management and planning. We also explore the importance of AI and automation when it comes to GDPR compliance, and why organizations should look at the opportunities created by GDPR as well as the risks.

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AI and Ardoq

The Power to do more with Ardoq

Ardoq is 5*-rated on Gartner PeerInsights

Auto-generate crowd- sourcing surveys from any data model

Auto-complete fields in- tool and in-surveys for high-fidelity structured data collection

Auto-update visual dive-in presentations, regardless of where deployed

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Building Resilience in a Post GDPR World

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How do you build and sustain organisational resilience?
Beyond the cyber threats, data breaches, risks and compliance, where are the opportunities for digital transformation and innovation in a post GDPR world? 

Integrating GDPR Compliance into Security and Risk Management. Why address the GDPR as data? GDPR as Graph Data.

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