Improve Your Cloud Migration Strategy

We've identified 7 key steps to implement in order to refine your cloud migration strategy, and ensure success.

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infographic 7 steps for a successful cloud migration

Why are organizations reconsidering their Cloud Migration strategy?

With so many organizations failing to achieve anticipated returns on their cloud migration, security risks looming overhead, and the increased need for flexibility, many are reassessing their current strategy.

Consider implementing these 7 steps in your own cloud migration strategy in order to improve your ability to execute.

infographic about the seven steps of successful cloud migration

In this infographic, we've identified the 7 fundamental steps needed for a successful cloud migration journey.

image depicting step 7 of cloud migration as cloud migration being a continuous process

What are the key benefits of migrating to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud is not a novel journey, with about a decade in the making. Efficient cloud migration enables the organization to continuously optimize its application portfolio, while creating the most effective IT environment as possible.

What are the potential pitfalls to consider when moving applications to the cloud?

An important caution to take is the potential impact cloud migration has on the business, systems, and users. Ardoq Scenarios helps you visualize and identify connected services, number of integrations, and connected technologies, to better prioritize candidates for migration.

How can Ardoq assist in executing on a more efficient cloud migration strategy?

Ardoq can help do a quick analysis on an organization's application portfolio - identifying which applications are top contenders for migration.

Ensure the Most Effective IT Environment

Maximize effectiveness in cost, performance and security with better strategic planning.

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