Enterprise Architecture Trends to Watch in 2023

An Enterprise Architect's guide

We've distilled the top 5 EA trends, so you can help your organization deliver growth, digitalization, and efficiency.

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What Are the Most Impactful Enterprise Architecture Trends?

Each trend will impact different organizations in different ways. CIOs, IT leaders and Enterprise Architects should prioritize the ones most relevant to their organization's short-term and strategic business objectives.

Explore the key enterprise architecture trends your organization should master for success in 2023.

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How will these trends impact the business?

Organizations that adopt and plan for these trends can create long-term roadmaps for reliant and sustainable business growth.

How will these innovations affect organizations in the long term?

Some of these innovations feed into underpinning capabilities required to compete in a digital world, while others enhance business-oriented capabilities to plan for change.

How did Ardoq select this list of top Enterprise Architecture trends?

Throughout our years of building a successful SaaS tool, we’ve seen trends emerge, grow, and fade. We've zeroed in on the ones most critical for navigating an ever-shifting market landscape.

Accelerate Growth and Sculpt Change

Enhance your knowledge of business and technology to prepare for the impact of these key trends on your organization.

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